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This Was Not Here

In a parallel place, I found teachers were tops.
Here, we worship our athletes and film stars.
Entertainment is great.
When education’s first rate…
…then, we all can sit down to enjoy some.

In that place that I went,
politicians were sent
to the Capital to represent folks.
Here, I’m sorry to say,
only money holds sway…
so our companies seek to control ‘em.

While I was there,
I saw companies care
for the great world that is (still) around them.
They’d realized long ago,
that Eco (not Ego)
would help them grow into the future.

Many folks there believe in a god.
Others have different opinions.
Doing GOOD every day,
helping out on the way,
are among many things they all agree on.

That place, like ours, is complex:
Different peoples, vast spaces and change…
They embrace the diversity of living things,
use their numbers for strength,
work together at length,
to solve issues which often confront them.

In a parallel place I saw progress,
based on empathy, respect and kindness.
I saw people investing in children
and nurturing the world they would give them.
No one went hungry or lived on the street.
Air was clean, as was soil and water.
Their elders were cherished.
Life, itself, was held dear;
Not material things, money or power.

The place that I found was not perfect.
They’ll always have things to work through.
But, their honest, hard-working, inclusive approach
will help show them the right things to do.
Perhaps it’s because of their women
Or because they all take the long view.
Whatever the reason…
‘twas refreshing and pleasing
Why can’t we do more things like they do?

In a parallel place I found teachers were tops.
because – of course – they can impact our kids so.
Rather than invest in the ones who guide children each day,
hawkers here’d sell ’em guns to… HELLO?!

Copyright 2013 Weylan Tiankong



When you’re a bit older,
I sure hope you will travel.
There’s a wondrous world which awaits you.

As parents, we’ll miss you.
That goes without saying.
But I know in my heart of the value.

It will open your eyes.
There’ll be so much to see.
Which by staying at home you just couldn’t.

When you explore this great planet
You’ll meet all sorts of people.
And see places you otherwise wouldn’t.

You will think. And discover.
Get to know. Understand.
Ask yourself certain things, which you should.

And upon your return,
You will still be yourself,
But your sense of the world will be good.

In some distant places you’ll find
All the comforts of home.
While some customs may be hard to abide by.

Either way, it’s okay, you will see.
You will see.
You will learn what you like (more importantly): Why?

What you don’t like? What’s good?
What should not change and what should?
These things too, to you should become clearer.

Along the way,
Your beliefs may be challenged.
Once certain beliefs might even shatter.

It’s okay. You will learn.
You will see it’s okay.
For some questions, the answers may vary.

You’ll find things which are done right.
Where we may have gone wrong.
A chance to learn is a chance for discovery.

Likewise, I’d guess,
That you’ll also impress
Upon others where we have succeeded.

And if that be the case,
I sure hope you’ll in haste
Provide help if your help should be needed.

You see, in this wondrous world,
There are things we can teach
And plenty of folks we can learn from.

Put your ideas to the test.
Exchange thoughts with the rest.
Then, best of all, go and apply some!

Copyright 2012 Weylan Tiankong