ABC for You and Me


A is for Air. It is everywhere, You don’t see it? It’s there!

B is for Breathe. Breathe in the Air and be thankful it’s here.

C is for Care. Take Care of the Air. We must Breathe it whenever we go anywhere.

D is for Dream. If you Care for your Dream and you Breathe in the Air, then one day you’ll get there!

E is for Earth. Each of us now lives here. We must Care for the Earth so your kids can live here.

F is for Food. We each need our fair share. Earth provides what we need if we Care and we share.

G is for Good. We should all worship Good. We should Care for each other, Eat Good Food, Breathe Good Air.

H is for Health. Good Health is the key. Breathe Good Air, Eat Good Food, take Good Care and you’ll see.

I is for good Ideas in your head. Take Good Care and your Dream will come true… it is said.

J is for all of the Joy we all need. When your Good Dream comes true, spread your Joy like a seed.

K is for Kindness. It’s kind of like Good. This too, you can spread. It brings Joy… as it should.

L is for Life. We each have our own Life. You have one. I have one. Isn’t that Nice?

M is for Make. Make the most of your Life! Use Ideas to Make Good and bring Joy to your Life.

N is for Nature, why and how we are here. Care for it we must! Or we’ll all be… Oh, Dear!

O is for Oceans. A whole world lies down there. Care for them. It’s clear, they are key like Good Air.

P is for People. There’s lots of us here. If we Care, we can all Dream one Dream we all share.

Q is for Quality which shows when you Care. It’s important, and hopefully less and less rare.

R is for Rain. It’s refreshing and clear falling down from the Air for all Life forms down here.

S is for Sun. Heat on Earth comes from there. Light comes from there too… but please, PLEASE do not stare!

T is for Trees. They help clean out Earth’s Air. It is Good they are here. Plant a Tree if you Care.

U is for Useful… Full of use, Good, …like Air. Go forth and be Useful. Spread Good everywhere.

V is for Value. Value what is here. Sun, Earth, Oceans, Trees, Nature, People and Air.

W is for Water. Water, it is clear. It’s important as Air. So, each day, drink your share.

X is for? …I don’t know what it’s for. If it were up to me, there’d be no X any more.

Y is for You. All these things are for You, her, him, it, them, me too. Don’t forget their Value.

Z is for Zen. Now and then we need Zen. Breathe the Air, Take Good Care, Dream your way here to there… And then, when you’re there, You can do it again.

Copyright 2013 Weylan Tiankong

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